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About Us

Wireless earbuds are everywhere these days, but have you noticed that they all look the same? You’re not the same as everyone else, so why should your earbuds have that same boring white color? PechnoPods is the leader in custom AirPods with our PechnoPods Pro line coming soon as well as brand new customized AirPods cases coming soon too. We have a ton of different designs and patterns available, with new ones coming out every two months, you can finally express you individuality and rock your style while you jam out.

While others might charge hundreds for their wireless EarPods, ours are at a price that you can afford with no reduction in quality! Our EarPods and EarPods Pro seamlessly connect to your devices with advanced features like wireless Qi charging at a fraction of the price. We made sure to use the best components in these EarPods and you can hear the difference as soon as you connect. From flashy designs to trippy patterns, we have it all. Shop our store to find your perfect pair and stay tuned for more to come from PechnoPods!